Pets Recorder GPS Tracker Collar - Motion Recording Camera for Dogs and Cats, 170° View, Waterproof

Type: Pet
Color - Black With Card Reader
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Discover the world through your pet’s eyes with our Pets Recorder GPS Tracker Collar. Designed for both dogs and cats, this innovative pet collar features a motion recording camera with a 170° ultra-wide field of view, GPS tracking, and a lightweight design. Whether you’re capturing everyday adventures or ensuring your pet’s safety, this collar provides clear, high-resolution videos and real-time location tracking.


• Pet Recorder: Capture and record video from your pet’s perspective, storing precious moments and insights into their world.
• GPS Tracker: Equipped with a powerful GPS tracker, monitor your pet’s real-time location and activity to avoid losing or stealing.
• 170° Ultra-Wide Field of View: Record clear videos and images with an ultra-high resolution lens, even during movement. Waterproof design (IPX6) ensures durability in various weather conditions.
• Lightweight Cat Camera Collar: Weighs only 0.5 pounds, providing a comfortable recording experience for your pet without the burden of heavy equipment. No Wi-Fi needed, use it anywhere.
• Complete Accessory Set: Includes a pet perspective recorder, protective shell, remote control, strap for the recorder, charging cable, and a 4-in-1 card reader (SD card not included).

Product Information:

• Color Options:
• White special strap S code: 3.00 kg - 7.50 kg
• Black special strap S code: 3.00 kg - 7.50 kg
• White special strap M code: 12.50 kg - 22.50 kg
• Black special strap M code: 12.50 kg - 22.50 kg
• White special strap L code: 22.50 kg - 35.00 kg
• Black special strap L code: 22.50 kg - 35.00 kg
• With card reader options for all sizes

Key Features:

• Real-Time GPS Tracking: Keep track of your pet’s location and activity, providing peace of mind and security.
• Ultra-Wide Recording: 170° view captures high-resolution videos and images.
• Waterproof: IPX6 waterproof rating ensures reliable performance in rain, mist, and snow.
• Lightweight and Comfortable: Easy for pets to wear and ideal for outdoor activities.
• Complete Accessory Kit: Includes everything needed to start recording and tracking your pet’s adventures.

Perfect For:

• Pet owners who want to monitor their pet’s activities and ensure their safety.
• Recording everyday moments and special adventures from your pet’s perspective.
• Outdoor activities and ensuring pets are safe in various environments.

Package Content:

• 1 x Pet’s Perspective Recorder
• 1 x Protective Shell
• 1 x Remote Control
• 1 x Strap for Recorder
• 1 x Charging Cable
• 1 x 4-in-1 Card Reader (SD card not included)

Keep your pets safe and capture their adventures with the Pets Recorder GPS Tracker Collar. Order now and experience the world from your pet’s perspective, while ensuring their security and comfort.

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