3-Layer Rotating Slow Feeder Bowl - Anti-Choking Puzzle Feeder for Cats & Dogs

Type: Pet


Enhance your pet’s mealtime with the 3-Layer Rotating Slow Feeder Bowl. This innovative and interactive feeder features a three-tiered design with rotating layers that hide portions of your pet’s meal. As your pet nudges and spins the layers, kibble or treats are gradually revealed, promoting mental agility and making mealtime a fun and engaging experience.

Key Features:

• Interactive Design: Three-tiered rotating layers that challenge your pet to find hidden kibble or treats, stimulating mental agility.
• Promotes Healthy Eating: Slows down your pet’s eating pace, reducing the risk of choking and promoting better digestion.
• Non-Slip Base: Ensures stability during play, preventing spills and messes.
• Easy to Clean: Made from durable PP material, this feeder is easy to clean and maintain.
• Perfect for Cats & Dogs: Suitable for both cats and dogs, providing an engaging and healthy eating experience.

Product Information:

• Specification: 7.52626 cm
• Material: PP (Polypropylene)
• Category: Pet Tableware

Packing List:

• 1 x Rotating Feeder

Usage Tips: Fill the feeder with your pet’s favorite kibble or treats and let them explore the rotating layers to find their meal. Ideal for promoting slower eating habits and mental stimulation.

Product Image: