Thor: Love and Thunder’s after credits scene shows the fate of Jane Foster


In 2018, Marvel Comics printed “Loss of life of the Mighty Thor,” a seven-issue arc that introduced an finish to Jane Foster’s tenure as the Goddess of Thunder — although not, fortunately, to her life. No, Jane caught round, and that was an excellent factor as a result of Thor wanted all of the allies he might get for what occurred subsequent: a cosmos-spanning battle often called the Battle of the Realms, throughout which Jane was one in all 4 Thors it took to place down Malekith the Accursed and his troll, elf, angel, and hearth elemental armies.

What might this imply for the way forward for Thor within the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Let’s look at.

[Ed. note: This piece contains major spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder, naturally.]

Picture: Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman/Marvel Comics

In 2018, Jane Foster died. In Mighty Thor #705, she saved the Norse pantheon from a foe no different god might defeat, and sacrificed her life in doing so, succumbing to the most cancers ravaging her physique. Should you’ve seen Thor: Love and Thunder, you’ll know that that’s just about what occurs within the film as effectively.

However within the comics, one month later, in Mighty Thor #706, Jane Foster rose once more.

How did Jane Foster die in Marvel Comics?

As the Mangog rants in chains, Jane holds Mjolnir aloft, with chains wrapped around it as well. “In the end it was not a god,” she tells the monster, “‘Twas a mortal. Named Jane. A woman who gave up everything in order to stop you. Remember that,” in Mighty Thor #705 (2018).

Picture: Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman/Marvel Comics

Jane’s powers in the comics have been fairly much like the film — Mjolnir gave her the facility of a god, however exacerbated her most cancers. Love and Thunder is a bit obscure on why, however the comics are particular: Each time Jane let go of Mjolnir, she was restored to her human self as-is. And “as-is” meant with out chemotherapy medication, however with her most cancers, which, in any case, was merely an outgrowth of her personal biology. With each transformation, she was erasing any progress made by her remedies.

In “Loss of life of the Mighty Thor,” Jane’s mates lastly held an intervention and received her to conform to undergo together with her physician’s recommendation and cease being a superhero in order that she wouldn’t die. Sadly, that is precisely when one in all Asgard’s strongest foes made his return. The Mangog (created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, so you aren’t allowed to make enjoyable of his identify) was a personification of the hatred of “a billion, billion beings” killed by the hand of All-Father Odin and a recurring Thor villain.

The unleashed creature tore by way of gods like paper till there was just one hope left: Thor, the Goddess of Thunder. The battle was the end result of Jane’s thematic function, as a mortal who sought to reveal how gods might be worthy clashed with divine unworthiness made flesh. In the end Jane certain the Mangog within the legendary chains of Fenris, tied Mjolnir to one of many hyperlinks, and hurled the hammer into the core of the solar, trapping the Mangog in its fires.

However with out Mjolnir in her hand, Jane returned to her mortal kind and expired in Thor’s arms.

How did Jane come again to life?

“Is it too late, father? Have we lost her?,” cries a distraught Thor, as he and Odin wield the energies of the God Tempest and drive them into Jane Foster’s frail corpse. “She’s standing at the gates of Valhalla, refusing to cross over!” Odin replies. “I’ve seen the truth in her very soul, my son! She’s convinced her story was not yet finished! Let us see if she’s right!” From Mighty Thor #706 (2018).

Picture: Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman/Marvel Comics

By the grace of our lord All-Father Odin. Jane’s victorious sacrifice over a foe created by his worst negligences received her the respect of Odin, who up till this level had seen her as a thief, wielding the hammer he’d given to his son. Combining his powers with Thor’s, the 2 harnessed the energies of the untamable God Tempest to resurrect Jane as she stood hesitant on the very gates of Valhalla.

And so, Jane was alive once more, and with Mjolnir’s destruction, she might not grow to be Thor and arrest the progress of her most cancers. She ultimately made a full restoration, simply in time to select up the hammer of a Thor from one other universe (don’t fear about it) and battle Malekith in the climax of the War of the Realms. Battle of the Realms was the final Jane Foster story in author Jason Aaron’s lengthy tenure with the Thor mythos, and he left Jane with a parting reward: A brand new piece of substances, the magically reworking godly artifact Undrjarn the All-Weapon, and a brand new superhero function.

Jane Foster is the Valkyrie of Marvel Comics

“Whoa. What the hell just happened,” says a battered and mortal Jane Foster, looking at the shining, shifting liquid metal gauntlet on her arm in War of the Realms #6 (2019).

Picture: Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman/Marvel Comics

A notice on the MCU’s Valkyrie: She’s very practically an authentic character! A valkyrie impressed by Tessa Thompson’s flip in Thor: Ragnarok has solely recently started appearing in Marvel Comics (she’s even received a primary identify, Rūna). Jane grew to become the Valkyrie in any case of Asgard’s valkyries had perished in a bloodbath throughout the Battle of the Realms. Now in Marvel Comics, she spends her days working in a New York Metropolis morgue and her downtime guiding the lifeless to their correct relaxation, saving the world with the Avengers, and flying round on her vociferously pro-labor pegasus, Mr. Horse.

What does this imply for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s future?

On the finish of Thor: Love and Thunder, the display screen guarantees, as all Marvel films do, that its hero will return. And if he does in a fifth solo film, it’ll be unprecedented within the franchise, the place superheroes are typically phased out as soon as they hit trilogy size. There’s nothing we all know for sure about how Thor may return, together with whether or not director-writer Taika Waititi will come again to direct. However the Battle of the Realms, new valkyries, and resurrection of Jane Foster could be a pure continuation of Waititi’s curiosity within the Thor tales of Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman, and Esad Ribić.

Within the meantime, there are many methods to make amends for the original story of Gorr the God Butcher, how Thor grew to become worthy, how Jane grew to become Thor, and the way collectively they received the Battle of the Realms.

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