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One of many extra shocking issues about Thor: Love and Thunder is how (seemingly) self-contained it’s. There’s at all times an opportunity {that a} later MCU movie may all of a sudden make this stand-alone cosmic romp balloon in significance, the best way 2013’s Thor: The Darkish World took on greater meaning years later, when Avengers: Endgame premiered. However for probably the most half, Love and Thunder is only a goofy street journey on a Goat Boat.

However by the ending of Thor: Love and Thunder, we do nonetheless have some questions. In spite of everything, what hope might mere mortals have in understanding the affairs of gods?

Are Mjolnir and Stormbreaker alive?

Picture: Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman/Marvel Comics

Whereas the concept that Thor’s present weapon and his former one are sapient (and that Stormbreaker is a weirdly jealous creeper) appears like a gag made up for Love and Thunder, Thor’s hammer Mjolnir truly does have a comics historical past of consciousness! Lengthy story quick, Mjolnir isn’t simply magic steel and godly enchantment, it’s implied that it incorporates the god Tempest, Mom of All Storms. It doesn’t actually talk, nevertheless it does have a desire for Jane over Thor, as illustrated by the Jason Aaron/Russell Dauterman Thor comics that impressed a number of Love and Thunder.

Stormbreaker’s jealousy over Mjolnir is extra of a movie-original gag than an extension of this comics lore, nevertheless it is an enchanted axe with a deal with customary from one in every of Groot’s arms, so the concept that’s it’s equally alive, or not less than conscious, isn’t that far-fetched.

Wait, Hercules can be a comics character?

Sure! An important one for Marvel. In Greg Pak’s Marvel Comics circa the mid-2000s and onward, the character grew to become extra intently related to the Hulk — Pak’s The Unbelievable Hulk briefly grew to become The Unbelievable Hercules when Hulk was out of fee for some time after the World Struggle Hulk story. (It’s a protracted one.) However initially? Like, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby initially? Hercules was launched as a rival to Thor, and a really enjoyable one at that.

That is the route Love and Thunder seems to be going when it introduces Hercules in a post-credits scene, and on condition that he’s performed by Ted Lasso breakout Brett Goldstein, it is going to virtually definitely be a great time.

Is Jane Foster actually lifeless?

Sure! She’s in Valhalla!

Marvel has a Valhalla?

Similar to it has (had) an Asgard! Like most legendary realms within the Marvel Universe, Valhalla is a bodily place you will get to, however not simply.

Might Jane come again for future MCU films?

She definitely returned from dying within the comics. Jane truly turns into the brand new Valkyrie, a personality extra in step with the mythological Norse beings who guided warriors to the afterlife once they died. (Most Marvel tales depicted Valkyrie very like Tessa Thompson’s character — one in every of a cabal of lady-warriors completely dedicated to wrecking home.)

Granted, making films is hard enterprise, and there’s no assure that the celebs will align to carry Natalie Portman again sooner or later if she’d desire to take one other extended hiatus from the MCU. So take into account Valhalla a pleasant little trip for Jane, however one that might finish at any time.

Who’s Eternity?

Look, it’s greatest to simply persist with what the film tells you. In Love and Thunder, he’s mainly a wishing effectively. Let’s go away it at that.

Come on.

OK, nice. Eternity is the summary embodiment of the universe — each universe manifests as a being often known as Eternity, and Eternity is the best being in that universe. Above him is the Dwelling Tribunal (you glimpse a statue of the three-faced Tribunal in the Love and Thunder trailer) and that dude is the one who retains order within the multiverse. Each of those guys are type of a storyteller’s alarm system: In the event that they present up, it’s a Marvel story’s means of telling you issues are getting critical, and should change for good by the point the story is completed.

Additionally, he seems freaking sick.

Eternity from The Ultimates (vol.3) #4 (Feb. 2016)

Picture: Kenneth Rocafort/Marvel Comics

Is Gorr’s baby actually named Love? What’s her deal?

Can’t actually provide help to there! She is solely a creation of Love and Thunder, given superpowers by Eternity. There’s no telling what meaning, however the sky’s the restrict! Or perhaps the multiverse is. Clearly outlined powers could be good once in a while.

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