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Himalayan Pink Bath Salt- CedarWood 40 oz (2.5Lb) Jar

Himalayan Pink Bath Salt- CedarWood 40 oz (2.5Lb) Jar

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1.HIMALAYAN PINK SALT: Pink Himalayan salt is one of the cleanest and most beneficial salts in the world. It has nutritional and therapeutic properties. It is comparable to Celtic sea salt. You may recognize pink Himalayan salt from pink salt lamps, but it can also be used in cooking and to create relaxing bath bombs and salts for kids and adults. The salt in this mix is coarse, not fine.
2.BATH SALT WITH CEDARWOOD OIL: This large himalayan bath salt contains up to 85 other minerals to help you get the most benefits out of your bath. Cedarwood oil helps improve focus and reduce skin irritation. Rock salts have traditionally been used in baths to promote healing, relieve sore muscles, and reduce stress. The ingredients in this bath salt are 100% natural.
3.EASY SALT BATH: To make the perfect Himalayan salt bath, mix between 2 to 3 cups of salt (120 to 150 gm) in a tub full of hot water. Gently swirl the salts in your bath water until they dissolve. Soak for 10 to 40 minutes for a therapeutic spa treatment. Breathe in the steam to invigorate your senses and clear nasal passages. Let the salt minerals relax cramped muscles and heal skin cells naturally.
4.CREATE A SALT SCRUB: Not only can you make a bath salt, but you can create your own salt scrub as well. Mix 1 teaspoon of Himalayan salt in your body wash or bath serum. Add the oil of your choice to obtain a gel consistency. You can even add essential oils for additional aromas or therapeutic properties. Use this mixture on your hands or your entire body for an exfoliating scrub.
5.DECORATIVE BATH SALTS: If you aren't ready to use your detoxing bath salts quite yet, you can let these small pink bath salt rocks sit in an open container for a beautiful decoration in your bathroom. Just put a few scoops of salt into a clear vase to add texture and dimension. Add flowers or incense sticks to the vase as well for another layer of decoration.


Pride of India incorporates organically-grown food and herbal products from India into our daily life. These all-natural ingredients help enhance the overall health of the human body. Pride of India is family owned and operated, and we manufacture our products in the USA. This Himalayan Pink Rock Salt is great for soaking in the bath or creating your own salt scrubs. Himalayan Pink Rock Salt is the purest form of salt on Earth as it does not undergo any artificial treatment or refining. The reddish-pink appearance of our salt proves its purity, and it contains up to 84 essential minerals that are quintessential for the human body. Combined with top quality therapeutic essential oils, our bathing salt reinvigorates your senses and revitalizes your body. Bath salts help your body relax and detox, in addition to soothing sore muscles and reducing tension. A bath with our salts is the perfect spa treatment for soothing muscle aches, detoxing the skin, and imparting a natural body aroma. To create the perfect salt bath, mix 2 to 3 cups of Himalayan bath salt with hot water in your bathtub. Swirl the salts around until they dissolve. Then, sit back and relax! If you want to create your own salt scrub, combine 1 teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt with your body or bath serum. Add some oil to attain a gel consistency. You can mix the bath salts with other essential oils to create the perfect blend of aroma and therapeutic properties for your body. Take some time for yourself, draw a bath, and naturally relax with these pink Himalayan bath salts.

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