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Pride Of India - Natural Red Royal Quinoa - 100% Bolivian Superior Grade Protein Rich Whole Grain

Pride Of India - Natural Red Royal Quinoa - 100% Bolivian Superior Grade Protein Rich Whole Grain

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1.Rich Source of Vital Nutrients: Proteins are the building blocks of a healthy body whereas, you need fiber and iron to restore vitality and immunity to help you fight against various diseases. Including Royal red quinoa as a part of your healthy diet brings all the taste.
2.Natural and Vegan: Since our red quinoa is completely natural and GLUTEN-FREE, they make for an ideal source of protein for both the VEGAN and VEGETARIAN diet. Grown sustainably, at 12000 feet of Peruvian Andes, the healthy red quinoa gives a great start to your day.
3.Low in Glycemic Index: As per the red quinoa nutrition chart, it has a lower glycemic index that helps you to regulate blood sugar levels and is immensely beneficial for heart health. Therefore, cooked red quinoa nutrition is a must-have for those who are fighting diabetes.
4.Delicious and Fluffy in Texture: Red quinoa seeds are fluffy in texture and nutty in flavor making them a palatable part of your everyday diet. You can cook it as rice and add it to a variety of dishes.
5.Sustainably Grown: We at Pride of India believe in giving back to the community and Mother Nature. Sustainable cultivation is our motto leaving behind fewer carbon prints and making the earth a better place to live.


A healthy diet is something we all look for in our day-to-day life but, getting it in adequate amount with perfect quality is something of a struggle. However, with Pride of India's red quinoa, your struggle for a healthy life will end. Whether it is your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, including this superfood in your everyday diet will make life easy. Simple and fast, it only takes a few minutes to cook the red quinoa seeds. Eat it like salad or like cereal, red quinoa will be a healthy addition to your everyday life. Most importantly, red quinoa is GLUTEN-FREE and VEGAN giving ideal lifestyle and diet options for people who are suffering from coeliac disease. Apart from that, red quinoa grains come loaded with all the vital amino acids and nutrients helping in tissue repair and healthy growth of the body. Include this grain in your every day for a wholesome and delicious meal experience.

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