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Utz Jumbo Snack Pack (1 oz.; 42 ct.)

Utz Jumbo Snack Pack (1 oz.; 42 ct.)

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1.Great for store, vending and concessions stands Individually labeled for resale No Trans fat, cholesterol or gluten Convenient snack packs Good for breakrooms, parties or special occassions


The Utz® Jumbo Snack Pack (1 Oz. 42 Ct.) is a great purchase for both personal and commercial use. It is perfect for offices; families and large parties. The Utz Snack Pack also is ideal for commercial businesses that sell large quantities of chips and snacks. All bags are individually labeled for resale. The Utz chips variety pack contains seven different kinds of chips.

What Variations of Chips Does the Utz Variety Pack Come With?

The Utz Jumbo Snack Pack comes with six bags of each type of chip. The Utz snack pack has three potato chip variations; including regular potato chips; ripple potato chips and BBQ potato chips. The other chip bag is the sour cream & onion chips variety. The variety pack also includes cheese curls; a party mix and white cheddar popcorn. The pack truly includes a snack variation for everybody.

Are the Chips Gluten-Free?

All seven varieties of chips are gluten-free. They also have no cholesterol or trans fat.

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