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Popchips Variety Box (0.8 oz.; 30 ct.)

Popchips Variety Box (0.8 oz.; 30 ct.)

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1.Variety box of Popchips Flavors included: Sea Salt (12), BBQ (12), Sour Cream & Onion (6) School nutrition approved Perfect for healthy on-the-go snacking, school lunches and parties


Popped to perfection. Many chip-years ago; we turned the potato chip world upside down. We chose heat and pressure instead of grease and the deep fryer to create the original POP. Popped to perfection. Crispy and flavorful; Popchips are simply potatoes; popped. We take potatoes; add heat and pressure; then pop! You get chips that are deeply satisfying; not deep-fried. Plus no grease means no guilty conscience. They're perfect for dipping; pairing with a sandwich; or snacking right out of the bag. The rest is delicious history. So grab a bag and enjoy without snack-rifice.

Make better-for-you snacking delicious and fun for the whole family with this best-seller's variety pack. Since Popchips are popped; not fried; we don't load up our chips with oil so you can get great taste without the greasy fingers; and eat more of what you love without feeling weighed down. Popchips give you all that flavor with half the fat of fried chips; no fake or phony ingredients and no trans fat. With Sea Salt; BBQ; and Sour Cream and Onion flavored Popchips; there's something for everyone in convenient single-serve bags.

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