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Japanese Traditional Flavor Soup Gift Set, 6 pcs per set

Japanese Traditional Flavor Soup Gift Set, 6 pcs per set

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Product Dimensions: 8.47x6.50x1.78 inch
Country Of Origin:Japan
Allergens:wheat, milk, fish
How to eat it:Adding boiled water
Manufacturer:Hayashi-Kyuemon-Shoten Co., Ltd.
Flavors:matsutake mushroom, bamboo shoots, and plum
1.Delicious Japanese traditional soup with just hot water
2.Soup with healthy and fortunate symboled ingredients.
3.A Perfect Gift Idea for Good Luck


Let's send the Japanese style Umami and Fortune

This special soup includes mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and plums as ingredients, which are then placed inside a sea bream-shaped Monaka. The wrapper of Monaka is identical to that of a Japanese confectionery called Monaka, and it is edible itself.

Japanese style clear soup starts with a foundation of Dashi, which is derived from fish and kelp. The Umami present in Dashi helps eliminate the need for additional seasonings, thereby contributing to a healthy diet, promoting longevity and preventing obesity among Japanese people. Wonderfully showcases the beautiful union of culture and well-being.

The ingredients, matsutake mushroom, bamboo shoots, and plum, are considered lucky symbols. Pine tree represents longevity, bamboo represents vitality, and plum represents nobility. These symbols makes the soup perfect for the special days. Let's use the lovely soup bowls and enjoy the flavors!


ingredients :

Mushroom (Glutinous rice, flavoring, matsutake mushroom, yuzu, mitsuba), Bamboo shoot (Glutinous rice, flavoring, dried bamboo shoots, dried seaweed, dried green onion), Plum (Glutinous rice, flavoring, plum flakes (plum paste, flavoring), sea bream flakes (sea bream, flavoring), dried seaweed, mitsuba/acidifier, Monascus purpureus dye, antioxidant (vitamin E))

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