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NESCO ES-08 8" Electric Skillet - Compact & Versatile Cooking

NESCO ES-08 8" Electric Skillet - Compact & Versatile Cooking

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Experience versatile cooking with our 1,800 Watt Electric Skillet, perfect for roasting, frying, and more. Designed with a deep interior, this die-cast aluminum skillet ensures even cooking and delicious results. The premium Whitford nonstick interior makes cleanup effortless, while the heat-resistant, stay-cool handle ensures safe handling. The sturdy glass lid with a safety vent allows you to monitor your food as it cooks.

Key Features:

• Powerful Cooking: 1,800 watt electric skillet for efficient roasting and frying.
• Durable Construction: Made from die-cast aluminum for even heat distribution.
• Easy Cleaning: Both the skillet and lid are dishwasher safe.
• Safe Handling: Heat-resistant, stay-cool handle for your safety.
• Convenient Monitoring: Sturdy glass lid with knob and safety vent.
• Adjustable Temperature: Easy-to-read, adjustable temperature control for precise cooking.
• Nonstick Interior: Premium Whitford nonstick coating for easy cleanup.

Product Dimensions:

• Length: 12.20”
• Width: 9.80”
• Height: 4.90”

Shipping: Ships only within the USA.

Usage Tips: Ideal for a variety of cooking methods, including frying, roasting, and sautéing. Adjust the temperature according to your recipe for perfect results every time.

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