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Breakfast Blend+ Coffee - 2 LB Coarse Grind - Bold & Smooth

Breakfast Blend+ Coffee - 2 LB Coarse Grind - Bold & Smooth

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Wake up to the robust flavors of our Breakfast Blend+ Coffee, freshly ground to a coarse texture for a perfect brew. This 2 lb bag of premium coffee offers a vibrant start to your day with its rich aroma and smooth taste, ideal for French press or percolator brewing.

Key Features:

  • Size and Grind: 2 LB of coarsely ground coffee, optimized for less extraction time, making it perfect for your morning routine.
  • Flavor Profile: A well-balanced blend with notes of chocolate and citrus, providing a bold yet smooth flavor.
  • Sourced and Roasted: Carefully selected beans sourced from renowned coffee-growing regions, roasted to perfection to enhance flavor and freshness.
  • Ship From/To: Proudly shipped from the USA to coffee enthusiasts within the USA.

Brewing Tips: For the best experience, use fresh, cold water and store your coffee in a cool, dark place to maintain its fresh, flavorful profile.

Elevate your morning ritual with our Breakfast Blend+ Coffee, designed for those who appreciate the art of great coffee.


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