Large Spray Humidifier with Colorful Ambience Light - USB Powered

Type: Home
Color - White Humidifier



Enhance your living space with the Large Spray Humidifier featuring a Colorful Ambience Light. This stylish and functional humidifier is designed to improve air quality while creating a calming atmosphere with its dynamic light display. Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and other large areas, this humidifier operates quietly and efficiently, making it perfect for a peaceful environment.

Key Features:

• Large Spray Humidification: Effectively adds moisture to the air, improving air quality and comfort in your home.
• Colorful Ambience Light: Features dynamic lighting that creates a soothing and visually appealing atmosphere.
• Quiet Operation: Operates at a noise level below 36dB, ensuring a peaceful environment.
• USB Powered: Convenient and easy to use with any USB power source.
• Stylish Design: Column shape with a modern look, perfect for any room decor.

Product Information:

• Power Type: USB
• Noise Level: Below 36dB
• Color: Dynamic Humidifier
• Shape: Column
• Rated Power: 5W
• Operation Mode: Mechanical
• Applicable Area: 21-30 square meters
• Function: Ambience Light Source
• Rated Voltage: ≤ 36V
• Material: Plastic

Packing List:

• 1 x Humidifier

Usage Tips: Perfect for use in bedrooms, living rooms, or any large space where you want to improve air quality and add a touch of ambience. Connect to a USB power source and enjoy the benefits of a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Product Image: