Interactive Food Dispensing Dog Toy - Tumbler Puzzle Ball for Slow Feeding & Mental Stimulation

Type: Pet
Color - Lake Blue Spot


Keep your furry friend entertained and mentally stimulated with the Interactive Food Dispensing Dog Toy. Designed to promote healthy digestion and prevent overeating, this durable and engaging toy encourages your dog to play and work for their food. The tumbler design dispenses treats as your dog rolls it around, making mealtime fun and challenging.

Key Features:

• Durable Material: Made from non-toxic nylon and ABS, ensuring long-term use and safety for your pet.
• Adjustable Difficulty: Customize the size of the leak to increase the challenge and extend playtime.
• Mental Stimulation: Helps improve your dog’s intelligence and problem-solving skills, reducing anxiety and boredom.
• Slow Feeding: Promotes healthy digestion by slowing down your dog’s eating pace.
• Easy to Use & Clean: Simply place kibble in the toy and let your dog chase it. Easy to disassemble and clean.

Product Information:

• Color Options: Lake Blue, Red
• Material: Plastic
• Category: Pet Toys

Packing List:

• 1 x Leakage Ball

Usage Tips: Perfect for small to medium-sized dogs. Ideal for dogs that need mental stimulation and a slow feeding solution. Great for keeping your pet engaged and happy during mealtime.

Product Image: