Colorful Flame Beads Aroma Diffuser & Air Humidifier - 300ml Tank

Type: Home
Color - Black Crack
Power Specifications


Enhance your living space with the Colorful Flame Beads Aroma Diffuser & Air Humidifier. This innovative device combines the benefits of an aroma diffuser with an air humidifier, featuring a unique flame bead design that creates a soothing and colorful simulation flame effect. Ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere in any room, this diffuser operates quietly and efficiently, ensuring a peaceful environment.

Key Features:

• Colorful Flame Simulation: Creates a soothing and visually appealing flame effect with colorful beads.
• Aroma Diffuser & Humidifier: Combines the benefits of aromatherapy with air humidification, enhancing air quality and ambiance.
• Quiet Operation: Operates at a noise level below 36dB, ensuring a peaceful environment.
• Large Tank Capacity: Features a 300ml tank for extended use without frequent refills.
• Multiple Color Options: Available in Black Crack, White Remote Control, and Black Remote Control types.

Product Information:

• Noise Level: Below 36dB
• Color Options: Black Crack, White Remote Control, Black Remote Control
• Product Size: 150150110mm
• Tank Capacity: 300ml

Packing List:

• 1 x Air Humidifier

Usage Tips: Perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and any space where you want to create a relaxing atmosphere. Use with your favorite essential oils for an enhanced aromatherapy experience.


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