League of Legends’ Star Guardians return for a big summer event


A giant Star Guardians occasion is coming to Riot Video games’ League of Legends, Wild Rift, and Legends of Runeterra on July 14. A number of characters from the varied rosters are getting new Star Guardian skins and cosmetics, and new lore about this alternate universe will play out over two patches all through the summer time. Riot will even launch a Sessions album centered around Star Guardian Taliyah.

The Star Guardians subculture is likely one of the hottest ones inside the better League of Legends lore. Star Guardians are highschool college students entrusted with cosmic powers to defend their houses from terrifying threats.

“The final time we revisited Star Guardian, we actually noticed that our gamers liked it and engaged with it,” mentioned Stephanie Bedford, a story producer at Riot Video games, in a telephone name with Polygon. “So we simply actually needed to ship on that.”

For many who are simply studying about these cute skins, Riot launched a “The Story So Far” timeline that encapsulates all the established lore about this alternate universe up to now. It’s a traditional magical lady story, with a power referred to as the First Star choosing guardians to defend humanity in opposition to the cosmos. The Star Guardians are depicted as highschool youngsters, balancing a twin identification of teenager and hero.

The previous waves of Star Guardians have had cinematics, animations, music, a PvE event, and quick tales revealed on the Universe web site — however story particulars had been all fairly obscure. Gamers might glean an general setting and some key occasions, however not a story throughline. What we knew principally got here from the pores and skin biographies and alternate voice traces from legendary skins.

However regardless of the restricted nature of this narrative, followers nonetheless fell in love with the Star Guardians. These alternate characters are very indulgent, with the lovable costumes, cute allies, and healthful friendships you’d count on from a magical lady squad.

Picture: Riot Video games

“That is one among our hottest thematics that we now have as an alt universe,” mentioned Bedford. “Riot actually views our alt universes as a very wonderful medium for narrative expression and storytelling. So it’s not simply cosmetics or a pores and skin line to us, and we’re attempting to create one thing that has depth, breadth, and participant attraction.”

The Star Guardians have an enthusiastic fan base that attracts fan artwork of the skins, ships them with one another, thinks about the place the story might go or what sure clues would possibly imply, and in any other case enthuses concerning the alternate world.

“All of us devs are positively on the market lurking and typically we are able to’t at all times work together or give issues away,” mentioned Bedford with a smile. “However even inside Riot, we’re such massive followers ourselves that we hyperlink it in our off-topic channels and say ‘Have a look at this wonderful artwork’ and ‘Oh my gosh, how did they already know?’ or ‘They’re going to be so shocked when this occurs.’”

In mainline League of Legends lore, champions dwell in harmful fantasy environments that demand excellence of them. It’s, properly, a league of legends. The Star Guardian variations of those characters aren’t as battle-hardened or world-weary. Kai’Sa and Kassadin in Runeterra are a tragic father/daughter duo, barely surviving a battle in opposition to the Lovecraftian Void. Star Guardian Kai’Sa, however, tells her teammates to not inform her dad about this magical lady enterprise. “He has so much happening.” (“We love Kassadad,” laughed Bedford.)

Star Guardian is a universe that’s “actually involved with the private facets of relationship, and identification, and friendship — issues which are all actually vital to our gamers in actual life,” Bedford mentioned.

Over a dozen builders have all labored on this yr’s Star Guardian occasion, together with lead idea artist Oscar Vega and principal author Jared Rosen. There are two legendary skins, Kai’Sa and Akali, in addition to some villainous additions to the solid in Star Nemesis Morgana and Fiddlesticks. The Star Guardian occasion begins on July 14 throughout Riot’s Wild Rift, League of Legends, and Legends of Runeterra.

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