John Fetterman Busts Oz Filming His Pennsylvania Senate Campaign Ad In New Jersey


Mehmet Oz was caught having filmed his new Pennsylvania US Senate marketing campaign advert at his mansion in New Jersey.

The Fetterman marketing campaign identified the place Oz filmed his advert:

One of many many issues with the Oz marketing campaign is that the candidate doesn’t appear to be placing in a lot or any effort to behave like he’s residing in Pennsylvania. Oz purchased a property in Pennsylvania, so why wasn’t his advert filmed there?

The Keystone State has 67 counties. Oz may have filmed his advert in any one in all them. The Oz campaign has been one self-induced injury after another. The Fetterman marketing campaign has a clearly outlined model and technique that they’ve been in a position to implement with out a hitch as a result of Oz has not met the naked minimal that voters ought to count on from their candidates.

It isn’t an excessive amount of to ask of a candidate that they dwell within the state that they’re working to symbolize. Each of the highest two Republican candidates for US Senate had been carpetbaggers. Oz wouldn’t be the nominee with out Trump’s endorsement, and he seems to have little interest in doing what is critical to win over Pennsylvania voters.




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