Batman and Catwoman finally got married, with Superman and Lois Lane witnessing


In the summertime of 2018, the comics world was thrown into uproar because the New York Occasions spoiled the twist ending of Batman and Catwoman’s wedding three days earlier than the difficulty hit stands. The twist, in fact, was that they didn’t get married in any respect: Catwoman left him at the rooftop altar. However all was not misplaced! Author Tom King had all the time described his notorious Batman #50 because the midpoint of his story — and in late June he and artist Clay Mann lastly acquired Batman and Catwoman collectively to tie the knot in Batman/Catwoman #12.

In fact it hasn’t precisely been easy crusing from there to right here. In 2019 King determined to wrap his run early and end the story in a 12-issue miniseries, which wound up being delayed a number of occasions, together with because of the COVID 19-related Diamond Comics shutdown, and slowly hitting cabinets. However now now we have lastly seen how Batman and Catwoman tied the knot:

They did it Vegas-style, however as a substitute of Elvis, the bored worker was impersonating Batman.

What else is occurring within the pages of our favourite comics? We’ll let you know. Welcome to Monday Funnies, Polygon’s weekly checklist of the books that our comics editor loved this previous week. It’s half society pages of superhero lives, half studying suggestions, half “take a look at this cool artwork.” There could also be some spoilers. There might not be sufficient context. However there will probably be nice comics. (And if you happen to missed the final version, read this.)

Picture: Tom King, Clay Mann/DC Comics

Sure, in accordance with King and Mann’s Batman/Catwoman #12, in Gotham Metropolis you may get married by a man dressed as Batman, Vegas-style. And in a callback to one of the best issues of King’s run, additionally drawn by Clay Mann, Bruce asks Superman and Lois Lane to be their final minute witnesses, and the delighted couple arrives by tremendous velocity.

Is that this canonical? Not within the strictest sense — Batman and Catwoman aren’t married in Chip Zdarsky’s new Batman run, which simply kicked off. However within the in depth potential future historical past of Batman and Catwoman’s relationship, as seen in flash forwards all through King’s Batman run, that is how the 2 Gotham Metropolis royals tied the knot.

A middle aged man meets two younger ones outside an airport. Shocked, he says “She’s Jerry’s personal assistant. And I guess... she just found some old paperwork that says... I own the Domain,” in Public Domain #1 (2022).

Picture: Chip Zdarsky/Picture Comics

You’ll have heard that Substack did an enormous push into comics final 12 months, handing creators a bucket of cash in change for doing no matter they needed with the platform, no mental property strings hooked up. Chip Zdarsky’s Public Area, a household story concerning the mental property rights to a multi-billion greenback worldwide movie franchise primarily based on a hokey superhero, is without doubt one of the first to be obtainable bodily after being first revealed by his Substack e-newsletter.

The Executor, a hulking robotic man with a robot beard and a robot receding hairline, bobs two assailants and hoist one up by his neck in a huge robot hand. “I will execute more than just documents,” he says, in Batman #125 (2022).

Picture: Chip Zdarsky, Belén Ortega/DC Comics

OK, sure, sure, Chip Zdarsky additionally began his run of writing Batman this week and certain, a bunch of stuff with the Penguin and a brand new villain named Failsafe and Tim Drake occurred. However extra importantly Zdarsky and artist Belén Ortega created my new favourite DC Comics character ever, the Executor, an impervious robotic lawyer who manages the wills and estates of supervillains. That is one of the best factor to ever occur.

A man in a black tracksuit introduces a very naked guy to a married couple. “You’re in Florida. It’s the 21st Century. You made it. These people are the Steinems. They’re your family. They’re his family.” in Sins of the Black Flamingo #1 (2022).

Picture: Andrew Wheeler, Travis Moore/Picture Comics

Andrew Wheeler and Travis Moore’s new sequence is concerning the Black Flamingo, a horny homosexual worldwide cat-burglar of magical artifacts — seen right here returning a golem to the descendants of that golem’s mortal lover — who undoubtedly doesn’t have emotions for anyone or something and will certainly be compelled to cope with that. I can’t wait to learn extra.

“I think I want to die in Otherworld,” says the rocky mutant Wrongslide to Sunspot. “When it is my time... I’ll lie down in the flowers and give myself back to the everything. And the Five will bring back someone new,” in X-Men: Red #4 (2022).

Picture: Al Ewing, Juan Cabal, Andrés Genolet, Michael Sta. Maria/Marvel Comics

Simply if you suppose that the writers within the X-Males bullpen have explored all of the alternative ways mutants work together with dying now that they don’t have to remain lifeless, Al Ewing — with stunning appearing from his collaborators — makes use of Otherworld’s scrambling effect on mutant resurrection to provide a approach to recycle themselves in the event that they ever tire of limitless immortality.

The Clock King, in his bowler hat and clock face glasses, walks calmly away from a chaotic, bloody battlefield of Gotham City henchmen in Batman: Killing Time #5 (2022).

Picture: Tom King, David Marquez/DC Comics

Reader, I’m livid. Tom King and David Marquez have been making a comic book known as Batman: Killing Time for 5 months now, telling a narrative about Catwoman and the Riddler making an attempt to extricate themselves from a botched heist. It’s known as “Killing Time.” It’s acquired a mysterious narrator who lays out each occasion within the comedian, huge or small, in particular timestamps and intervals. And but someway, I didn’t see the retrospectively apparent twist coming: The actual villain is the motherfucking Clock King.

I’m so mad.

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